What I Do

I provide internet and communications consulting services to clients I am in touch with personally. My focus is on providing services on an ongoing basis, not on large projects and contracts. For example, I'd like to do your website and blog updates, or keep your email working right, or help you develop a slideshow or video. If you have a large project coming up, perhaps I can help you define and manage it, or just provide you with a second pair of eyes when you need them. My rate sheet will give you a better idea of how I might work for you. To me, the most important thing we can have is a mutually beneficial working relationship based on trust and personal integrity.

You Googley?

As the world goes "cloud" people still want their email, documents, calendars, websites, databases, videos, blogs, printers, scanners, phones and computers to work together well, and be as uncomplicated as possible. Cloud should make life easier, but sometimes it can just add to your already too-big pile of computer stuff. As the administrator of an institutional Google Apps (now called "G Suite") implementation, I can help you sort out the complications and realise the benefits of this way of computing. I still work with non-Google applications too, but for things in the cloud, I'm all Google.


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